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La Bella
Anisha 1401052635

So I booked a wowcher deal for this place for my partner and I to get a massage. Booked over a month in advance! My partner and I have stressful jobs and it's so hard to get time off and therefore bank holiday was perfect, we were excited to relieve some stress.. Until... Since booking I have had 6 phone calls from the salon trying to move my booking! Each time they have then said ok no worries we will keep your appointment. Theb just today I have had a phone call (bearing in mind it's less than 24hours before my appointment) they have cancelled my bookings due to their therapist not having child care. I explained to them that I have booked accommodation around the area because of this appointment and there is no other day my partner and I can do. The rude therapist said "fine I will come in then" and she hung up on me. I then an hour later received a shockingly unprofessional phone call from the manager of the salon. She said that my booking remains cancelled and blamed me for inconveniencing her staff. She said I quote " u have upset my therapist so much and I don't want to lose good staff" first of all it is disgusting the way the therapist and manager spoke to me and then for her to come out with such a ridiculous comment on how I have spoken is beyond me. All I said to the therapist was this is ridiculous as I can't do any other time and I have booked accommodation around this so it's not good enough. She then confirmed she will keep the appointment and then had her manager call me to verbally abuse me. The manager accused me of being rude when I was just raising concern at the number of times they are messing me around. I did say " will you be reimbursing me for the room that I have booked because of this massage" she said "no I will do no such thing as it's not in the contract" " you're being very rude to me now and I've got to go as my husband says I'm supposed to be off work this weekend and I've spent already over an hour trying to sort this out for you" I am utterly disappointed and have been victimised by this salon I think it is disgusting customer service and completely unprofessional. If a salon has made a mistake, it is their DUTY to sort it out NOT my duty or concern on how they should do it and whether it's supposed to be their day off. In fact it is the salon that has now ruined my lovely bank holiday weekend plans! It has really made me think twice about using wowcher again as buying discounted offers will result in being treated like a little to no priority and also no respect for a client. This ridiculous place has me more stressed than I was before and also without a solution for our need for a massage. I feel that this needed to be said so others like me don't fall into a trap only to end up with loss of earnings and a headache. I would never recommend this salon to anyone! Ever!
The Beauty Room
Lucie 1318927928

This is the place where I find relaxation and peace and the best part is that I look better than ever after I have attended the saloon!
Emiras\'s Nail and Beauty Parlour
Ericka 1318511403

I agree with Emma, Emira is the best! I have been there only several times but I notice the difference at once! She is such a professional and she is always so careful! I highly recommend the salon!
Truly Scrumptious Beauty Ltd
Sarah 1318431352

Relaxed atmosphere with true pro service. My fave for all my beauty needs!
Mindi 1318418280

I didn't expect miracles but honestly, I looked like a movie star after my hair appointment! Splendid!
Artanails Bio Sculpture
Nikol 1318334139

My hands have never looked better, than after attending Artanails Bio Sculpture, recommend this salon strongly!
Beauty Visage
Moni 1318317636

Beauty Visage is the place, where I can feel like a real lady and also get so confident and really beautiful after that... I love this place!
Ipanema Beauty
Lily 1318245054

Comfortable atmosphere, a team of real professionals and friendly attitude- that is Ipanema Beauty. Highly recommend you visiting!
Bliss Beauty
Sophie 1318243817

An excellent team of professionals who take care of me! I really have found a place where I feel special and much more attractive after every visit! Thank you!
The Pamper Pit
Lilly 1317912078

I have used several treatments from the Pamper Pit and I am more than satisfied with the results. This is the place where you can find professional care, great advices and friendly attitude!
Trina 1317906361

Blush salon is a great place providing professional treatments. I am very satisfied with their manicure and pedicure because it is efficient and at very good price!
hedz hair & beauty
Susie 1317820277

My hair were super luscious I love every bit! Thanks!
Crystal Clear Beauty
Jenny 1317815877

I wanted to pamper my self a bit and Crystal Clear Beauty. Really nice experience, I felt great the very minute we started the treatment. Kudos!
Pink Beauty
Di 1317735937

I totally agree with you, Tracy is great and her prices are just more than competitive! It is very comfortable and the result is always - wow!
Beauty Room @ L.A. Fitness, Sale
C J 1317735771

Beauty Room offer an excellent mobile service and I can enjoy the pleasure of their incredible procedures from the comfort of my home, and the result is noticeable, I recommend them!
TSL Holistic Centre
Nansy 1317731708

This is the place where I go not only because I feel much more beautiful and fresh, when coming out, but because there I manage to relax, refresh and continue with new energy! Recommend it to everybody!
Melissa Health and Beauty
Lil 1317715398

I totally agree that the best way to look gorgeous and the same time feel self-confident and pleased is to go to the beauty saloon of Melissa!
Beau Ideal
Izzy 1317711870

After I attended Beau Ideal I not only looked gorgeous, but somehow I felt relaxed and confident, they made me not only look pretty, I felt this way! Thank you so much!
Beautytime Health & Beauty Clinic
Jane 1317642712

They provide a friendly, professional, good value service and so comfortable surrounding!. I would highly recommend them!
Halcyon Days
Laura 1317629982

I felt really relaxed and much more beautiful after my visit at Halcyon Days.Really comfortable place and a team of professionals.It worth visiting!

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